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1. Formation
The organisation shall, as the result of simple majority voting, be called the Internet Angling Club and shall have as the date of official formation the 4th September 1997.

2. Objectives
To actively promote the sport of angling in all its acknowledged disciplines. To be recognised as the unified voice of all anglers. To staunchly defend our sport against those who would see it banned. To encourage and facilitate participation by any person so inclined. To support our adopted charities, Second Chance and Angling Link, both financially and in kind. To support organisations which are deemed to be supportive of our objectives, either directly or indirectly.
To co-operate with other anglers in providing mutually beneficial services. To use our combined numbers to obtain such benefits as may be deemed appropriate for our organisation as a whole.

3. Organisation
The organisation shall be represented by four nominated officials.

  1. Chairman
  2. Secretary
  3. Treasurer
  4. Membership Secretary

The IAC shall be of an open nature. There shall be an ongoing AGM taking place on the existing clubtalk mailing list which will facilitate the rapid exchange of views and opinions of members. All appointments are to be deemed temporary and are subject to change based on simple proposal and voting mechanism already established within the clubtalk mailing list.

4. Membership
In order to provide the widest range of services and support a two tier membership scheme has been adopted.
Associate members comprise of those anglers who are subscribed to any of the four main mailing lists as operated from the University of Bristol, England.
Associates are members by default due to their acceptance of the terms and conditions of the mailing list subscription. Associate members do not have voting rights.
Full members are those who elect to subscribe to the IAC proper. Their subscription fee, as set by committee and voted on by the members, gives entitlement to all associate member benefits plus additional benefits as laid out below. Full members are presented with a membership card. Access to Internet facilities is not a pre-requisite for membership. Indeed it is likely that number of members will not have such facilities, yet will be aware of their existence through friends or relatives.
In the formative stages of the clubs development the goodwill of those members with Internet facilities in passing on information to those members without such facilities will be depended upon. This issue will be addressed when membership numbers reach a sufficiently high level and should not deter any potential members. As an interim measure, at least one committee member, notionally the club secretary, will make himself/herself available by telephone during the evening for the purpose of answering queries or as a vehicle for passing on information to club members.

5. Club Funds
Club funds shall be primarily controlled by the treasurer, with at least one other member of the nominated committee required to authorise financial transactions.
Funds shall be used in the first instance to administer the club and to provide angling related benefits to full members.
At such times as deemed appropriate by the committee and further ratified by simple majority voting of full members, funds may be used to support other causes. Suitable examples may be any pollution fighting organisations, charities or affiliation charges.
It is also the intention that additional funds will be raised, over and above subscription charges, by means of sponsored events and sales of appropriate merchandise bearing the IAC logo.

6. Membership Benefits
Full membership shall provide the following benefits and others which may, from time to time be available. The benefits can only be obtained upon presentation of proof of membership.

Fishing Related

  • Discount Tackle on production of Valid IAC membership from Davies Angling in Staines
  • Discount season tickets from RMC Angling
  • Discount day tickets at Wintons Fishery, Sussex, Three organised Fish-ins for members only at Wintons next year
  • 15% Discount on Tackle purchased from Sussex Tackle Exchange
  • 10% Discount on all Bivvies from the “Bivvy Hospital”
  • The chance to attend many organised events through the year, covering coarse, game and sea fishing. For more details on what is going on over the next few months take a look at the club diary.

Not Fishing Related

  • A free mobile phone subject to connection and status along with a 5% discount on all computers over 500 pounds bought from Interconnect Direct ( this is only valid on production of proof of membership to the IAC. Other discounts will apply to parts and software depending on product.
  • Discounts on Computer goods from Simon Lintott
  • 20 percent off any silver or 10 percent off any gold items from Whichcraft of Covent Garden

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