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We have a large number of knowledgeable anglers on the IAC mailing lists and some of them have been good enough to write new material for us to publish on this website. Below are just a few of the latest additions.

Centrepins – Alan Tomkins is considered by some as an expert when it comes to centrepins. In this artcile he tells you about what is one the market and gives his opinion on each…
The Hot Spot, or Not ? – Andy Harper reports on the IAC’s 1999 Grayling fish-in on the river Kennet, Bekshire…

Some stories have been taken from UK Fishing World and we would like to give a BIG thanks to them and the authors for kindly allowing us to publish this material.

Do you fancy writting an article for us ? You don’t have to be a proffessional angler or author, just tell us about your days by the water and we will happily publish within the pages. Please send all material to: [email protected]

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